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Getting Strategy in Play

A shared understanding and desire to “go for it”

If you could get your strategy into the hands of every employee – have them understand what they need to do and then “go for it” – what extra value would this bring to your business?

To do this, things need to be simplified and that can be very demanding. There are important steps involved in developing peoples’ understanding of the strategy and gaining their buy in.

These steps show a practical and easy-to-use approach to building business value through getting strategy in play more effectively.

Getting Strategy in Play


A faster, more effective way to get strategy in play.

Purpleworks combines leading edge business thinking with recent advances in neuroscience to create approaches and tools to help clients implement their strategies.

The approach is rooted in performance improvement – of the individual and the business. We are experienced in connecting executive teams to the front line and equipping managers to bring about mindset shifts.

Business design led, clients are closely involved in creating unique solutions that work most effectively within their culture and business strategy.

Mark's Blog

Playbooks and Leaders

July 22nd, 2015

15 years ago I sat down with the CFO of a very large business and talked about the transformation he was planning for its finance division – the simple things that had to be delivered and the challenges involved in getting over 600 people aligned …

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Strategy Kitchen

An easier and more enjoyable approach to management

How can managers find more ways of working with their people that build meaningful connections to what the business is working to achieve?

We’re creating a fresh approach to improving the management skills needed to work with people to get a strategy in play. Easy to use, more fun than academic and founded on what works in real and successful situations.

It’s a kind of ‘cooking made easy’ and ‘recipe book” for Managers - but not about food!

What are the chances of my strategy succeeding? A quick check up.

Studies show that the majority of strategies fail during execution.

Test your chances against our free diagnostic survey to find out where you stand.

You’ll receive a simple diagnosis, based on your feedback, of whether your strategy is likely to succeed. Your report will highlight strengths and weaknesses and suggest practical steps on how to make real changes to your approach, to deliver the strategy faster and more effectively.