BDO Case Study

Building a growth blueprint for the business from the input of 3,000 employees, captured through an interactive experience based around a game board and ‘growth driver’ cards

The Context

BDO is a top 6 global accounting firm headquartered in the UK. The partnership had experienced significant past growth via acquisitions. Its new strategy was to find a pathway to sustainable growth from within.

What we did

We worked closely with the Managing Partner and the Management Executive to design a way to involve all employees in understanding the drivers of the business and then select where best to invest to grow the business.

The approach was to build an interactive experience based around a simple game board and the use of cards for each of the growth drivers. Partners took the lead and used the board and cards as the centre-piece to involve everyone across the business in a conversation on growth.

The conversation created a picture for people of the choices the firm had, the external forces shaping it and drivers for growth. Partners and managers led their teams of people in discussing the business’ options and encouraged an exchange of views.

Each team made their decisions using gaming chips to vote for the best growth opportunities for their practice area and the business overall. This approach forced decision-making on what ideas were the best ones to pursue. All votes were then aggregated to create form the basis of a growth blueprint for each practice area and the Firm as a whole.

Tools that transform

Board Game
A game board and ‘growth driver’ cards to create a virtual experience
for people to step into, to experience options and make choices to grow the business. A ‘transitional object’ for exploration, scenario planning, ideas generation and decision-making.


The outcome

The overall experience was a powerful way for BDO’s 3,000 people to generate a plan for growth over a two-day period. Because everyone was involved in the conversations and got to vote, there was a strong sense of ownership and commitment to the selected growth blueprints. These were published in infographic style in digital and physical formats. The Firm grew revenue by 8%.