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Leading to get Strategy in Play

Getting the simple and demanding things right

If you could see how to get your strategy into the hands of every employee – have them look across the business, understand what they need to do and then “go for it” – what extra power could this bring to your business?

The important steps involved in developing peoples’ understanding of the strategy are often overlooked. These steps, based on an up-to-date understanding of how the mind works and what people expect from work, show a practical and easy-to-use approach to getting strategy in play.

Getting Strategy in Play

The picture on the lid of the box

One piece of the jigsaw

Imagine hundreds of jigsaw pieces in a box. If you handed out single pieces to people – what would they see? They would each see only the part of the picture shown on their piece of the jigsaw….

This is the experience of many people at work every day. They work hard and take decisions in their part of a business, but they do so from a perspective of having only ‘one piece of the jigsaw’. It means that their hard work can fail to deliver the best outcome for the business, even when done with the best intentions.

Alignment and Engagement

‘You can’t have one without the other…’

Rapidly changing markets, new entrants growing at exponential rates in a matter of years, emerging technology, sophisticated software, new and exciting ways to interact with customers and instability in the world’s economy are all creating opportunities for businesses that are attuned to these trends and shifts.

To take advantage of these opportunities, businesses need to be flexible, clear on their strategy to differentiate & compete and be able to mobilise their people to get involved, contribute their unique skills and experience and get the strategy in play faster and more effectively than their competitors.

Alignment and Engagement