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Clients! (PDF)


A creative way to improve the client experience – fast and fun!

Clients! is a digital gallery to involve your people in improving client relationships in a more creative way.

Borrowed from the concept of an Art Gallery and re-created as a digital Client Gallery, people have a “walk through” experience to inspire and challenge.  Galleries are a powerful way to help people shift and learn.  They engage people on different dimensions, can disrupt the inner status quo and open people up to the perspectives of others.

Each piece in the gallery is designed to be provocative and elicit a response.  Together, the collection unpacks different aspects of the challenges involved in improving client relationships.  As in reality, these challenges are about people: what they do, how they perceive and choose to behave.  Each piece uses a question, a premise or a puzzle to work the viewer’s mind and draw them in.

As you view the Gallery, you have the option to click and check out the rationale – the top line thinking behind each piece.  

Clients! was originally developed and road tested by purpleworks for a real life client working to shift its people’s mindsets and approach to client relationships.  The experience was a life-sized gallery that over 3,000 people walked through.

Developed now as a digital tool, Clients! can be used by individuals, groups face-to-face and across virtual business teams.