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Getting Started!

We’re creating a fresh approach to improving the management skills needed to work with people to get a strategy in play. Easy to use, more fun than academic and founded on what works in real and successful situations. Take a look around and you’ll get the idea of what we’re building.

It’s a kind of ‘cooking made easy’ and ‘recipe book” for Managers - but not about food! It’s a practical place to stimulate thinking, try things out and learn. Ultimately, it’s to help make management more enjoyable.

The kitchen has a “come and explore” philosophy. So, roll up your sleeves and step into the kitchen while its under construction. We’d love to hear your ideas on what you like - and what you want to see more of. Contact us

What happens in the Kitchen?

We’re building the kitchen for Managers:

  • to experiment and try out modern and practical ways to involve their teams in getting things done
  • to build their confidence in working with a broader and more effective range of tools
  • to learn how to create more meaningful and enjoyable experiences for their people
  • to get more out of work and have more fun doing it.

The kitchen has “Ingredients”, “Recipes” and master classes from purpleworks’ collection of tools and approaches.

Before you start cooking… what is it that you’re working on?

It might be…

  • Implementing a new strategy
  • Improving the customer/client experience
  • Launching a new product or growing sales
  • Adopting new technology
  • Improving the productivity of the team
  • Increasing efficiency…

…for sure, it will depend on people changing their way of working and/or their mindset. So, how they are involved and the extent to which they are motivated to apply their unique talents will determine the outcome.


We’re putting together a collection of basic ingredients (requirements) for leading your team. To give you the idea, here are a few examples.

In the context of our Strategy Kitchen, think about Recipes as the method to get something ‘cooking’ with your people to deliver value and Ingredients as the raw materials that you bring into the mix. Master classes are live webinar sessions that show you how to do it.

Check yourself out

Your team always looks first to you, as their manager, to paint the picture of where the business is at, its priorities and direction. This is a fundamental requirement of leadership. It will be difficult to build your peoples’ connection and buy-in to the strategy and what needs to be done if you have not arrived at a deep enough understanding and bought in, yourself.

So as the manager, focus first on getting the overall, big picture of where the business is, before putting it across to your people.

Simple conversations

Think about conversation as a way to get people involved and buying into the strategy. It’s a powerful ingredient (often under-utilized) to bring strategy and work scenarios to life.

The challenge for Managers lies in establishing the right opportunity for people to exchange views and ideas and listen to those of others on important issues in the business. If framed in the right way, conversations can have a transforming effect.

Alignment and engagement in 3D

This 3D approach to aligning and engaging helps you design more effective ways to put across the strategy. Ways that have meaning and enable practical action.

It separates out three dimensions:

Content - What it’s all about
Interaction - The ways people will learn
Behaviour - Required behaviours

It’s a new and simple way of framing strategy communication and building a strategic approach to aligning and engaging people.

Choosing a recipe

We’re building a menu of recipes designed to get you trying out new ways of getting people involved in delivering the strategy and to show you how to make management enjoyable and fun.

We’ve started here with some simple recipes. Try them out and tell us what you think.

Landscape for action

When you need to get a group of people involved in working together to get a plan in play.

You want to speed things up, get everyone to a common starting position to work on what’s involved (in the context of the situation) and generate a practical plan for action that people buy into.

‘Landscape for Action’ helps you to do this. It has 2 parts: creating the picture (your ‘Landscape’) and a conversation using the ‘Landscape’ as the focal point for group action planning.


Mark Watson will be leading the upcoming Master class series on ‘Getting strategy in play’ by Webinar, starting in November 2015.

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